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Bend Velo adds Electric Bikes

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As you might have heard, Bend Velo is now an electric bike dealer…again. I say again because back five years ago we sold some Yuba electric cargo bikes. And while I loved the idea of a power assisted cargo bike, I didn’t love the quality and reliability of the system. Fast forward to 2019, and I get a test bike from Raleigh Electric Bikes. Oh my! From the first pedal stroke I knew something was different. Since that test ride I have become a true believer that electric bikes are a wonderful addition to the cycling world. Afterall, more people on bikes is a good thing, right?

The new mid-drive electric motors from companies like Bosch, Yamaha, and Brose, are a huge leap forward in this fast growing segment of cycling. The quality, performance, and serviceability of these new systems are vastly improved from those hub drive systems of the past. Improved range (30 to 70 miles), smoother power delivery (pedal assist), and lower price points are all reasons for you to consider a purchase of an electric bike. Our mid-drive Bosch powered electric bikes start under $2000. 

In closing, I’d like to mention what a joy riding an electric bike can be, imagine a ride where there are no hills and you have a tailwind the entire route? An electric bike can level the playing field, where riders of different fitness and abilities can ride together in comfort.  It doesn’t matter whether you are riding for pleasure or to work, an electric pedal assist bike gets you outdoors exercising. Choose your level of effort, enjoy the company of others, and help the world be a better place. Electric bikes can change your life, I encourage you to come in and try one.  I think you will be glad you did.