Touring Bikes

Touring bikes offer you the chance to explore the outdoors and travel wherever you desire with no restrictions. Typically touring bikes have front and rear racks suited for carrying front and rear panniers. Frames are built strong and sturdy to ride smooth and true while carrying a heavy load. Clearance for fenders and bigger tires is also critical. From pavement to rough gravel, an ability to handle various road surfaces is also very important. While most touring bikes feature drop handlebars, new models and upgrades can incorporate other styles of handlebars. Bottom-line, is a bike that can handle whatever mother nature throws at you, and do it in style and comfort.

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Trail Bikes

Bikes that can handle the next level of technical riding are commonly known as mountain or trail bikes. These bikes excel on single track trails where rocks, roots, and rough going is the norm. Our line of Surly steel bikes combine the stiffness and comfort of steel with the simplicity of hard tail design. These bike not only tackle the local mountain bike trials, but are also equipped to handle rougher trail oriented bike packing trips.

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Gravel Bikes

The newest and fastest growing segment of cycling, gravel riding has exploded and with good reason. Riding a gravel bike allows you to get away from cars and ride roads less traveled. Whether it be alone or with others, gravel bikes give you the freedom to explore “all-roads” and even some trails. Think of these as road bikes with big tires. Don’t let the pavement limit your ride, jump on a gravel bike and explore to your heart’s content.

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Surly – Bridge Club
Surly Bridge Club
Surly – Bridge Club 27.5
Surly – Disc Trucker
Surly – Disc Trucker

Surly – Straggler
Surly – Ogre
Surly – Karate Monkey
Surly – Krampus
Surly – Karate Monkey Front Suspension
Surly – Krampus Front Suspension
Surly – Midnight Special
cube nuroad pro
CUBE – Nuroad Pro
Cube C62 Pro
CUBE – Nuroad C:62 Pro
CUBE – Nuroad Pro FE
Surly – Midnight Special
Surly Straggler Gravel Bike
Surly – Straggler
CUBE – Nuroad Race
CUBE – Nuroad EX