Commuter Electric Bikes

Our motto is “get out of your car, and onto a bike” and what better way than with an electric bike. No need to be all sweaty when you arrive, just choose the appropriate power level and cruise with ease to work, the store, or a friends house. Our commuter ebikes are all pedal assist and feature lights, racks, kickstands, and fenders. An upright and comfortable riding position is also key to these machines, afterall, if it’s not comfortable you won’t ride it.

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Trail Electric Bikes

Still a bit controversial, electric mountain bikes are coming whether you like it or not. These bikes range from hard tails to full suspension. A little extra boost can lead to a lot of extra fun. All the rage in Europe, electric mountain bikes are legal in many areas including private and BLM lands, not to mention the rough streets. With a little research, you will find plenty of places to ride electric mountain bikes.

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Adventure Electric Bikes

Think of these as rugged machines that are just as much at home on the dirt as the pavement. All our models feature larger tires, bright lights, racks and fenders. Much like our commuter line, these are really the most versatile of all the bikes we sell. Pedal assist direct drive motors are the best offering in the electric bike world. You will be amazed where you can go on an electric bike.

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Bianchi – E-Omnia C Type
Bianchi E-Omnia T Type
CUBE – Kathmandu Hybird ONE 500
CUBE – Kathmandu Hybird ONE 500
CUBE – Kathmandu Hybird ONE 500
CUBE – Supreme Sport Hybird ONE 400
Diamondback – Union 1 Speed Bike
Diamondback – Union 2 Speed Bike
Benno – Boost E
Surly Skid Loader
Surly – Skid Loader
Benno – RemiDemi 9D
Benno – eJoy

Trail eBikes

A few of our favorite trail eBikes. Come by the shop to see our full selection!

Haibike – ALLMTN 5
Haibike – ALLMTN 3
Diamondback – Response Speed Bike

Hiabike – Hardseven 5

Haibike – Trekking 5
Bianchi – E-Omnia X Type