1212 NE 1st St.
Bend, OR 97701

10 to 6 Monday through Saturday

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About Bend Velo:

Bend Velo is a unique bike shop, geared towards building and providing practical bikes for the general public to ride for both pleasure and transportation . We specialize in J. Livingston repurposed rebuilds. Our mission is to get people out of their cars and onto their bikes

Riding your bike for basic transportation can be a life changing experience.

Let Bend Velo help you make this change.

We love steel bikes, from our complete selection of city bikes, to a full bike rental fleet. Our bikes are made to be useful, practical and fun. We stock Breezer, Surly, and J. Livingston bikes. We can also special order any Focus bike.

Our bicycle repair is second to none. We provide very fast turnaround, and excellent customer service. Our pricing is fair and competitive. From flat repairs to disc brake bleeds. Our service department will treat you right.

J. Livingston Repurposed Bikes at Bend Velo from Dustin Driver on Vimeo.


Another short clip on the "Story of J. Livingston", enjoy.

Don’t we have enough bike shops in Bend? Why another?

Bend Oregon is a wonderful cycling crazy town. We have great bikes shops, great trails and very accomplished racers and riders that call Bend home. But do we have a shop that meets the needs of the practical biker? Do we have a shop that can steer you toward the best Dyno light system for your needs. Or, sell you a practical bike made from recycled parts that can carry 2 kids or a load of groceries from the farmers market? My answer is YES, we do now. Bend Velo, the practical bike shop.

J. Livingston Bikes

The Jonathon Livingston Story is about comfortable, inexpensive and practical Bikes that are reborn right here in Bend, Oregon.
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Our shop location: 1212 NE 1st Street, Bend, OR
If you know Miller Lumber on Greenwood, we are almost next store on 1st street. Come by and see the shop! 

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