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Here’s why we think it’s important to ride instead of drive.

We need to become less dependant on oil. By riding your bike you lessen the amount of gas and oil you consume, as well as decreasing your carbon footprint. Did you know that cars contribute to an estimated 60 to 70 percent of urban pollution.

The world is getting FAT, we are an overweight out-of-shape population. Riding your bike raises your heart rate, gets your blood pumping and your heart working. Riding gets you in better shape both mentally and physically. That’s a fact. Win!

Our cities and towns are congested with cars. In 2003, 5 billion gallons of fuel was wasted by motorists waiting in traffic.In most cases getting around by bike is as fast as a car when you factor in traffic and parking. With more people biking our streets would be safer and downtown areas would be much less congested with cars. Winner!

Our pervasive Automobile culture consumes 1/6th of our economy, is responsible for 40,000 traffic fatalities a year and an even greater number of devastating injuries.  We are engaged in 2 endless wars that are both wrapped up in the politics of oil.  The oil spill in the Gulf ravaged the environment.  Roads, acres of parking lots and the automobile infrastructure have turned our cityscapes into ugly, people and bike unfriendly sprawl.

The future of happy motoring is uncertain.  Some credible people think that oil production has peaked and supplies will be be in a long steady decline.  At the same time the worlds 2 most populated countries, China and India, are developing rapidly and will be competing for what remains.  Do you think our political system is going to effectively deal with this or that we will pick up the slack with used french fry oil?

The Bicycle is a very simple solution to some of the world’s most complex problems.

In the Netherlands, fully 1/2 of the people commute by bicycle to work!  If you share in this vision, and would like to make riding more a part of your everyday life, come in to the shop and see what we are all about.

BEND VELO….comfortable people…comfortable bikes.

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