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Bike Sharing Starts in Bend, Bikes by Bendvelo

post by: Dale Friedkin  May 18, 2013

Bend likes to think its great, but its not exactly bleeding edge on trends that are happening in big cities.  Bend does usually come around though, case in point is a bike sharing program.  We have now got one!  It is small and limited but its a start and Bendvelo has provided the bikes!  Commute options is behind the program, their idea is lead by example and to help others do the same.  J. Livingston Bikes are perfect for bike sharing programs, Last year Bendvelo supplied the bikes for a ride sharing program in Madras too. KTVZ has the story:

Bend's first Bike Share Station to debut

J. Livingston bikes
Bendvelo's J. Livingston bikes are perfect for bike sharing programs

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