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Break apart the Automotive Mind on the Backyard Farm Tour Ride

post by: bendvelo  August 25, 2011

We're Americans, our sense of place has been defined by the Automobile.  We have been conditioned to see travel as something that an automobile does on our highly developed road system.  People, who for instance get a J. Livingston bicycle to get about, are likely to ride in the same routes and patterns,  after all that is all we have ever known.  You know straight off that you are not going to ride on freeways, that is first divergence. After you ride awhile you realize that you do not want to ride where the cars are.  You keep on looking for a new way to go.  Your mind starts changing and you start looking at things in a whole different light.  This is the breaking apart of your automotive mind.  The BendVelo group ride of the Backyard Farm Tour is as much about tweaking the automotive mind as it is visiting the backyards farms. We aim to show some different ways to go and some different ways to think about how and where you go.  Attaining this mindset you can find adventure, discovery and beauty.  Just going somewhere can be a very enriching part of your life.  Compare that to sitting and waiting for the light to change at Franklin and 3rd St.

About the ride:

  • Its about 21 miles
  • or 15 miles if you want to keep it short
  • visits 8 Backyard Farms or 6 for the shorties
  • It costs $5 and all proceeds go Neighborhood Impact
  • We will try to ride as a group
  • If the group splinters you have a sheet of clear, concise instructions on where to go that includes all the options
  • The Ride goes on park trails, dirt trails, canal roads, bike lanes, roads, the whole gamut
  • Everything is ridable by a semi-confident bike handler even with skinny road tires(except maybe 1 place)
  • There is always an option, spelled out in the instruction sheet, if you want to stay on the road
  • The Backyard Farm Tour continues Sunday too.  The instruction sheet has info on other stops that the bike tour missed and the shop has some tour booklets for your perusal
  • Also at Celebrate The Season there is a party Saturday from 5 to 8.  BendVelo will have some tickets for sale.  More info at

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