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Do The Backyard Farm Tour on Bike with the BendVelo Group Ride

post by: Dale, Bendvelo Webmaster  August 13, 2011

Please join us Saturday August 27 at 10:00 am at the BendVelo Shop, where we will depart on a group ride of The Backyard Farm Tour.  This is the second year of The Backyard Garden Tour. The tour visits gardens from commercial organic farms that sell at Farmer's Markets to people making it happen in small spaces and everything in between.  Last years was a smashing success, interesting and fun for hundreds of participants.  There was one glaring problem with last years tour though, only 1 person did it by bike.  That person had a better time than everyone else!  By the way, I was that person.  This year we will remedy that.  For short distances and frequent stops, like The Backyard Garden Tour, a bicycle is the way to go.  Cars are often not even faster for this kind of travel.

BendVelo will put together a bike friendly route, designed not only to get the best out of the tour but to open your eyes to new and interesting ways to ride through Bend.  The cost is $5 per rider or family.  That's half the price of the car burdened crowd(and you get so much more out of it too).  The event is a fundraiser for Neighborhood Impact.

The Tour also includes an after-party Saturday evening($10 extra) and a second day to explore local gardens on Sunday, Aug. 28th. More info is at

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