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Gas hits a fricken $4 per Gallon

post by: Bendvelo  May 17, 2011

For the first time since 2008, the price of a gallon of gas has gone over $4/gal in Central Oregon.  In 2008 the price ramped up quickly due to Speculators and it shocked people.  You saw people riding golf carts on the streets and weird retrofits in the bike lanes like lawn mower motored skateboards.  In addition many people began bike commuting and many have stuck with it.  This time the price came more gradually and people are adapting more like frogs in gradually heated water who don't even notice when it is boiling and kills them. 

While speculation has something to do with it this time, it isn't exactly the same.  After trillions of dollars basically evaporated from the economy from the recession of  '08, the Federal Reserve and the US Government pumped trillions of dollars back into the economy to stabilize and stimulate it.  This effectively devalued the dollar making real goods, or commodities the choice of investors.  All commodities, not only oil, have gone up in price dramatically.

The Dollar looks to remain weak suggesting that gas prices will not drop dramatically like they did after the spike in 2008.  Other factors such as diminishing supplies and increasing worldwide demand from emerging economies do not bode well either for the American motorist. 

The cheaply fueled joyride of American living looks to be heading for difficulty.  In the history of mankind, the modern American easy motoring lifestyle has only been an anomaly and it may be on its way out.  You can choose to ease your dependence away from it by using a J Livingston Bicycle to commute to work, shopping trips and just getting around town.  We are lucky in Bend that is small enough where nothing is too far to bike to, we do not have vast multi-lane expanses of traffic that are totally intimidating to cyclists and the drivers here are laid back and generally accommodating to cyclists.

Not only is the J Livingston ride an enjoyable and healthy form of transport, it is an adaptation to the future that is on its way.

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