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What is the Future of the Oil Based Lifestyle

post by: Eric  April 5, 2011

If you were to solely listen to our politicians or mainstream media sources you may be led to think that we are just in a temporary economic downturn and that we might just solve our environmental problems by going more and more green.  Consider that we may just have deeper systemic problems that will throw the American way of life into disarray.  Our Automobile way of life that is based on cheap, abundant oil is, according to Social Critic James Howard Kunstler, headed for extinction.  Kunstler, an author who has written books critical of Suburban Sprawl and about coming catastrophes of petroleum depletion is pessimistic and even shocking, but should be considered.  The point is that you might just want to start easing yourself into a life that is not so reliant on driving a car so much -- That's what Bend Velo is here for to help you with.

Kunstler writes a popular weekly blog.  This weeks was especially pertinent, check it out at:

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